Self-Belief or Belligerence?

Jim’s post today…ultimately about Tom Petty and his influence, meandered like the Ganges to its point (I’m not knocking it…the man is a fabulous writer), weaving through myriad tales of turmoil, revealing, ultimately a determination and self-belief that on the one hand I feel rather envious of…but on the other, perhaps I would not wish on myself.

For that self-belief and determination means arrogance and stubbornness…belligerence. Nothing stands in the path. And at what cost? There must be “collateral damage”? Ultimately. You discard those that become “surplus to requirements”?

So, yes…on the one hand, I wish for a “never say die” attitude…but I am too conscious of the potential of hurting others that cross my path.

“All’s fair in love and war” the saying goes. Fair to trample on hearts and dreams along the way? If you can live with that, maybe…

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