Turn And Face The Strange…

Well, it is certainly true that “the more things change, the more they stay the same”, it’s inherent in human nature. Those who can grapple with and indeed THRIVE on change still need a foundation and “roots”, whether they admit to it, or not.

Jim himself is a prime example of this. Some of his recent posts have had this theme of change and flux…ever marching forward…on and on. Reluctant to look back (again, though he is reticent to admit it, he looks back quite a bit, with a wonderful sense of fondness and nostalgia). But…he still comes back to the city that made him. He still has his roots in Glasgow. So, for all that talk of “moving ever onwards” and “trees that shed branches to become stronger” the tree is still rooted to the same spot. The tree may shed, yes. Its leaves may fall in the autumn, shoot out new leaves in the spring, but its roots are still firmly planted in the ground. A snake sheds its skin on a regular basis…but it’s still a snake.

If humans and other animals had the power of metamorphosis…like moths and butterflies…well, THAT really would be change! But even within them (Lepidoptera), you can see upon close observation, elements of what once was.

In essence…reading what Jim has posted today…he appears to be setting us fans up for change. The Minds evolve. They have to. To keep themselves interested. To keep *US* interested. I, for one, am tired of the “bring back Derek, Mick…Frank Sidebottom, Noddy and Big Ears” (I was being flippant towards the end) talk. To me, the core of Simple Minds will always be Jim and Charlie. Them together! No Charlie? No Simple Minds. No Jim, no Simple Minds. Whoever else comes and goes, adds to the shift and change of cogs and gears…it is fine by me. The others are the leaves, the branches…Jim and Charlie are the roots. The foundation. Without them, it topples. The tree dies.

Anyway…enough talking in metaphors, let’s have some new music, tour dates and things to look forward to! Bring it on (and can someone drop me off a swag of money so I can please be able to invest in all of this when it eventually kicks off?! It really isn’t time for me to be Ms Skinty McSkintface! Time to “sell my wares”, so to speak. Lol. How to “sell” the unsellable!)

Fans keep asking Jim for a book…but seriously…he writes so much for us already. His posts are amazing…and free! It’s a wonderful gift! And you lot want a book on top?!! Look at what he gives us already! Geez, Louise! Lol

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