RIP Pollyn

I am genuinely saddened to hear that an electronic group from LA called Pollyn are breaking up. I became aware of Pollyn from search results with Spotify. In the early days of Spotify, I would search by genre and just listen to bands and artists I’d never heard of before. 

Pollyn were one such group and I really fell for them. Their album This Little Night I played over and over. A couple of years later, they released Living In Patterns, and I secured my physical format copy on CD from one of the Rough Trade stores in London. This is where my little Pollyn sticker that is still attached to my set of drawers in my bedroom comes from.

Thank you for the music, Pollyn. You guys helped me through some tough stuff at the end of the noughties.

If ANYONE wants to diss Spotify…well, I’ll give you my love for Pollyn as a fine example of the good Spotify can do (not to mention me not being the Simple Minds fan I am today without Spotify being around – I mean…was my local library going to have a copy of Life In A Day on CD for me to listen to? No!).

Here is their swansong…the lovely Findaway featuring Alexis Taylor from Hot Chip. (Read more HERE)

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