A Fishy Name?

As a way of marking the (milestone 70th!) birthday of the man formally known as James Newell Osterberg Jr, and by means of finally giving existing pet, Ziggy, a new tank pal…we got ourselves a new fish yesterday. 

As we made our way home from the pet shop, we theorised what to call him. I didn’t want to jinx his life by naming him Iggy (our previous was called Iggy – he was bought with Ziggy – but he didn’t survive long)…so I thought maybe “Jim”, or “Mr Osterberg”? Or even extending it so both my favourite musical Jims got a nod. He’d be J-O-K (ie: Jim Osterberg-Kerr). Em said “we could just call him Biggy?” Part homage to Iggy (as Iggy himself has a pet cockatoo called Biggy) and part ironic play-on-words as the new addition is anything BUT “Biggy”. Lol. I then said asa consequence  “perhaps Biggy Smalls?” Lol

I shared all these name suggestions on Facebook. My SM “partner in crime”, Birdy,  suggested – as a Spoonerism – Smiggy Balls. Lol. And now it has stuck (for want of a better term!). Lol. Just a slight difference in spelling (we’ve changed Balls to Baws).

For short he is now Smiggy…but his full formal name is: Jim Osterberg-Kerr (aka Smiggy Baws).

It does make Ziggy’s name seem rather bland now…

Welcome to Casa Read, Smiggy! (He’s on the left, in case you’re wondering.)

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