The Pet Shop Boy…and Girl

This morning I was taking photos of Sultan as she was sitting by the little light box thing which has “pure dead braw” on it.

ASAP jumped up on the table a minute or two later and sat beside Sultan. I kept snapping away. Then Sultan yawned and as the camera snapped I thought “Oh hopefully that’ll make for a fun one, mid yawn.”

By heck it did! As soon as a saw it looking back through the few I’d taken, it just instantly made me think “Pet Shop Boys! That album cover of theirs!” Then I had to put in a Google search “Pet Shop Boys album covers” because I didn’t know what it was called. It revealed itself to be “actually” pretty quick in the search results.

I saved a copy of the cover, I then posted it to the FB group called “Recreate artworks with things you find at home”. This is how popular this post has been through the day…

1800 likes! And nearing 200 comments. My furbabies are little microstars!

Here’s the pic in full resolution…

A Fishy Name?

As a way of marking the (milestone 70th!) birthday of the man formally known as James Newell Osterberg Jr, and by means of finally giving existing pet, Ziggy, a new tank pal…we got ourselves a new fish yesterday. 

As we made our way home from the pet shop, we theorised what to call him. I didn’t want to jinx his life by naming him Iggy (our previous was called Iggy – he was bought with Ziggy – but he didn’t survive long)…so I thought maybe “Jim”, or “Mr Osterberg”? Or even extending it so both my favourite musical Jims got a nod. He’d be J-O-K (ie: Jim Osterberg-Kerr). Em said “we could just call him Biggy?” Part homage to Iggy (as Iggy himself has a pet cockatoo called Biggy) and part ironic play-on-words as the new addition is anything BUT “Biggy”. Lol. I then said asa consequence  “perhaps Biggy Smalls?” Lol

I shared all these name suggestions on Facebook. My SM “partner in crime”, Birdy,  suggested – as a Spoonerism – Smiggy Balls. Lol. And now it has stuck (for want of a better term!). Lol. Just a slight difference in spelling (we’ve changed Balls to Baws).

For short he is now Smiggy…but his full formal name is: Jim Osterberg-Kerr (aka Smiggy Baws).

It does make Ziggy’s name seem rather bland now…

Welcome to Casa Read, Smiggy! (He’s on the left, in case you’re wondering.)