Conte Fly Reply…

Again, he later tempered his reply (having edited it several times again) to Conte about his grievance (that we kind of share, by the way).

One part of it though…”Minds shows are about precision”. Really? Minds grew out of punk…post punk…PUB ROCK…the very thing that you say you are not (in terms of comparing it to improv). If you’re about “precision”….maybe you might want some lyric sheets on stage to help you remember your words?! (I almost run up to the stage to kiss you when actually sing words right) No! You’re NOT about precision…because precision means sticking to the right chords, the right structure, the right words. You are about being “precious” and believeing you are always right.

Oh, Jim. I love you. You know I do…but don’t declare Simple Minds to be about “precision” to diguise you being a stick-in-the-mud and a stubborn bull.

I don’t want you to be “precise” anyway. Lack of “precision” from lots of bands is what kept me away from seeing live music for YEARS! You guys are the ones that taught me that – despite what you are currently saying – it’s not about “precision” but being “in the moment” – experiencing it for what it is…an aural, visual, collective, communal human experience.

You’ll win me round. You always do. And I know you couldn’t care less if I was there or not. I am just one fan. You mean FAR more to me, than I do to you. It’s “quid pro quo”. All you have to do is flash that smile and a 100 minute gig will feel like an eternity (until I realise that…in a flash…it’s gone). And I know I am going to love every (short) minute of it. 

You are SSOOO Machiavellian.
I feel harsh for the things I say – but *my* Thumper has been drowned out for the moment. 

Can’t you see that it’s for the love of you that makes us want more?

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