Acoustic Tour Opening Night – Essen, Germany

If the post from Jim is anything to go by, the first night was seemingly a success. He said of the night, “In fact it couldn’t have run smoother last night. Very nice venue, wonderful audience, the perfect acoustic set list…”

That may be…but it seemed a bit short to many of us not there (and quite possibly to those that were) . I never want to be criitcal…and I also as much as possible adhere to Thumper’s advice (though I never knew it came from Thumper…as much as I love Disney, I have never watched Bambi – despite it being my mum’s favourite Disney film – I take it more as the advice my brother David instilled in me). But I don’t think my words are disparaging. I think I am well within my rights to express a little disappointment that the set list seemed a little short.

I understand all the arguments! They’re not getting any younger, etc, etc. But MANY older acts are on the stage for longer. I am NOT asking for a 4 hour Springsteen marathon (chance would be a bloody fine thing!), but I would ask for 3-4 more songs. A full 2 hour stage presence. 

I was under the impression the “In Concert” Hackney gig had time constraints because it was being recorded for the BBC for a particular allocated time slot. Last night’s Essen gig extended that time by TEN MINUTES!?! Really?! 

Added were Big Sleep and For What It’s Worth (a great deal, actually!), but bumped from the set list seemingly was The American (I am not a fan of the Acoustic album version…but it always works better live).

I was very much hoping I would have nothing to be critical of. When I saw how short the set lists were in Oz, I stayed mildly optimistic they would extend the Acoustic set list a fraction…given the ticket prices (that was already a huge bone of contention for me…but like a dedicated fan should, I invested in going – now I feel I need to share yet ANOTHER Harry (Enfield) and Paul (Whitehouse) “I Saw You Coming” sketch).


Perhaps if THIS happens to me at a gig, I may change my mind…

I’ll let you know in approximately 8 weeks time.

Photo by – click the image to see more photos from last night’s gig.

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