Lyric Of The Day – Wall Of Love

I’ve missed doing these for just the sheer enjoyment of doing them. And if I am hindering myself from doing them because I am trying to sell them, but I can’t because I don’t have publisher’s approval, then sod it…I won’t sell them! 

But I am going to continue making them…because this band is awesome. This man is awesome! And the words he writes are awesome and I just want to…show how awesome they are, by (HOPEFULLY) making awesome art around them.

It has been too long since I made a “lyric of the day” art piece. I just want to make them. Just for fun. Nothing else matters.

My first one back, I think, looks FREAKING amazing! It’s what I love doing most, and what I think I do best…so…Imma just gonna leave this here for people to admire. 

(I have posted part of this on the SMO wall.)

I’m just…tired of feeling like I can’t do these. I just want to make them.

PS: Who knew my first one back would be a track from Street Fighting Years?!!! That’s a turn up for the books!!

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