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I’m not sure what point Sir was trying to make in his reply to me – but what I meant in reply to his initial post was – he made it sound like the gig was as special as a Glasgow gig. And I know those gigs (as far as HE is concerned) are REALLY special! 

It was an extra stab! I didn’t want to hear it! I didn’t want to hear that it was THAT good – because it was MY home town – and I wasn’t there!! It just made the “hurt” hurt a bit longer.

So, that is what I meant, Sir. Why I replied as I did.

I wanted to be there. More than any other gig you’ll do this year. Elsewhere in Oz and NZ…Europe, the UK, Ireland…wherever else you may go before the year is out. Sydney was it.

But, it was obviously not meant to be, for whatever strange reason that might make sense in the not-too-distant future.

He obviously enjoyed me being an idiot in response to Casey’s “correction”. Lol

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