T2 – Fat White Family – Touch The Leather

Went to see Trainspotting 2 tonight. I really enjoyed it. The plot meandered a little here and there but it was kind of in keeping with where we were/are in the central characters lives.  It certainly looked stunning visually with scenes around Arthur’s Seat and central Edinburgh. Certainly made me want to see Edinburgh again. 

And the soundtrack! Just as awesome as the first film. I stayed for the credits and there was a lot of Young Fathers tracks, I MUST give them a listen. As the credits were rolling I was thinking “This somg/band sound familiar” and was waiting for it to come up. Of course, when the name Fat White Family appeared I went “Ah! The guys that did Touch The Leather!” 

The song on the end credits was The Whitest Boy On The Beach – great tune…but Touch The Leather was just…the sexiest thing I heard last year…and, well, it kept reminding me of a certain person in leather!

The first of the two versions shared is the one I heard and loved. SEXY AF! 

The second is a live-for-radio SXSW performance. And a wonderful “let’s not take ourselves too seriously, eh boys?” piss take on their own song. Lol. Hilarious! It makes the song so unsexy – but funny AF. LOVE IT! 

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