This Earth That You Walk Upon – Dreamtime Mix

Not quite apprporiate for “Invasion Day” (just in terms of it having “Dreamtime” in the title…and it being “Australia Day”)…but it does make me think of my Aboriginal ancestors today.

I do love Charlie’s guitar solo SSOO much. And they’ve used it twice in this mix! That line! “Screaming edge of light / shines so, shines so hard” is just so wonderful. Always think it’s Jim’s description of the sound of Charlie’s guitar solo. It’s beautiful. So beautiful…

Thanks to Birdy for sharing this one on FB and getting me listening to it.

2 thoughts on “This Earth That You Walk Upon – Dreamtime Mix

    • There’s a ton of stuff you’ve uploaded shared on here, Tony. I dunno where us late-comer fans in particular would be without you! A million thank yous ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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