Haiku – Prip’s Acoustic Tour

I am still pinching myself about this! Especially with the latest acquisition of yet ANOTHER ticket for the second Dublin show! I am going to be just three seats (same row) away from where I’m sitting the first night! 

It all feels too surreal right now. Of course, we start in Glasgow on May 18th…and then there’s a break until May 27th for the Palladium gig. It’s going to be the LONGEST wait in between those! Lol. And then BANG! Two nights later, Bristol. (VIP!) Then a five night break until BANG – Brighton and Drury Lane back to back. Then finally a short three night break and BANG! Two Dublin gigs in a row! 

TWO. DUBLIN. GIGS. IN. A. ROW!!! I still cannot believe I am FINALLY going to Dublin after 30 odds years of dreaming and waiting. And I will see the Minds TWICE while I’m there! Someone PLEASE PINCH ME!

I can barely contain my excitement. I’ve written a haiku. 

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