Recording Time!

Jim posted on FB this morning about he and Charlie returning to London, while there is a few days break in the NOTP schedule to do some recording for the new album! Very exciting news. 

One point though – I think despite Jim saying something akin to “it’ll be ready when it’s ready”…the ideal and projected target for release MUST be Nov. 2017….bang on the 40th anniversary of the band’s formation. I have been contemplating the timeframe of this the past few days, and this is how I see it panning out. There will be time in January before they are off to Oz/NZ for more recording. Then again when they return in late Feb/early March…April and May is given over to the Acoustic tour…maybe the odd festival date through the summer. Then a final big slab of recording through June/July/Aug. Champagne on ice by mid/late Aug….which will give us a release date of early Nov (I’ll plumb for the 3rd). 

Then 40th anniversary tour in 2018! Let’s see if I’m right in around 11 months time. 🙂

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