The Anchoress – Kings Place

Last night I went to see The Anchoress in London at a venue called Kings Place. And what a lovely place it is too! A big “all-in-one” venue. A lovely open space with a gallery, a cafe, posh restaurant and two concert halls! 

There was an exhibition by an artist called Shanti Panchal. He paints in watercolour but the technique he uses makes the pieces look anything but watercolour. They are rich and vibrant. Not something you expect to see with watercolour but he uses a layering technique. Really liked his stuff. A lot his art was for sale, but I am WAAY too skint to even think of buying anything of his, sadly.

Martin Grech, the support act for Catherine, was really wonderful. He has a wonderfully unorthodox style of piano playing and a really beautiful voice. Very haunting. I really enjoyed his set and I will seek out more of his music.

And then it was time for the main act. And what an act she is! Catherine arrived on stage in her fabulous gold shiny suit (I dare not call it lamé…because I don’t think it is quite lamé!). 

She started the set with Long Year. Love this song…there is something I find very sexy about it. The way she sings it. Those drawn out ends to each line. 

It was a fabulous set, and in a perfect order. From Long Year we continued with Waiting To Breathe, Popular, Doesn’t Kill You, You & Only You, P.S. Fuck You, Bury Me, What Goes Around, Chip On Your Shoulder and then a straight segue into Confessions. 

There was chat in between. Catherine telling us she’s thinking of selling her suit off for charity. I SO wish I could buy it! I love it! I’d have it in a huge frame on display 🙂 When she appeared on stage in it at Hackney with Simple Minds, my jaw dropped! She looked amazing!

Quite a bit of her chat was self-depricating. Talking about her “awful” piano playing skills and feeling the need to excuse her voice. No, dear lady! You’re amazing! I would have never known you were self-taught on piano. You play fabulously to me! And you voice is incredible.

There were some quips had too. Us Scorps do have a sting in our tails. We are loyal…but don’t cross us! 😉

She dedicated P.S. Fuck You to 2016. It really has been that kind of year. Many highs but oh, so many lows.

An encore comprised of two of her earlier songs, Crave and The Hunger Artist (that is how it is typed on the set list, so I hope that’s correct)…and then finally, Rivers Of Ice. It was the best finishing touch. I confess to never being the biggest fan of the song – and you think I would be, seeing as I am so smitten with Sir Kerr – but alas. But…I think it is much more suited to Catherine (sorry, Jim!). I really do like it now, and her version of it in particular. There’s more of a “yearning” in it for me.

The middle of the set was the highlight for me. Doesn’t Kill You, You & Only You, P.S. Fuck You and Bury Me all one after the other was just…awesome! (I know! I use that word too much – I need a thesaurus! Lol)

No “One For Sorrow” though…the song I wanted on the set list in partcular due to my gift. I gave my painting of Mitch the Magpie to Catherine, and I really hope she likes him. There was a “One For Sorrow” part to last night after all. 

I am not the best painter in the world, of course, but I just wanted to offer her something that shows how loved and appreciated she is (gawd, bloody crying now!). The things I do come from the heart and I put love in them and I hope it comes across.

Thank you, Catherine, for the most wonderful night. You lifted me out from a dark place and made me feel good again. Thank you xx

Recording Time!

Jim posted on FB this morning about he and Charlie returning to London, while there is a few days break in the NOTP schedule to do some recording for the new album! Very exciting news. 

One point though – I think despite Jim saying something akin to “it’ll be ready when it’s ready”…the ideal and projected target for release MUST be Nov. 2017….bang on the 40th anniversary of the band’s formation. I have been contemplating the timeframe of this the past few days, and this is how I see it panning out. There will be time in January before they are off to Oz/NZ for more recording. Then again when they return in late Feb/early March…April and May is given over to the Acoustic tour…maybe the odd festival date through the summer. Then a final big slab of recording through June/July/Aug. Champagne on ice by mid/late Aug….which will give us a release date of early Nov (I’ll plumb for the 3rd). 

Then 40th anniversary tour in 2018! Let’s see if I’m right in around 11 months time. 🙂