The NEW NGD Kerr Quote Art Print

I made an art piece based around the reply I got from Jim last year about my favourite precise point and sound on New Gold Dream (the track itself). It remains, still, one of my favourite replies from him. The more I read it, the more I sense he was slightly taking the mickey, but instead of saying (more likely! Lol) “I don’t f***ing know”, he replied with something awesome that made my day. It still makes my day! I read so much into it now. It’s a bit silly, full of bravado and cheek…but ultimately awesome, and actually does a bang on job of encapsulating the song.

Thank you kindly, sir. I’ll be forever grateful.

But, I digress. The piece I did based upon it, back in July, I now no longer like. So…I worked on a fresh one today, and I am liking it much more. What do you guys think? The new one is the first of the two. I think it looks MILES better (and has room on the right hand side of it for Jim to sign it…if I can possibly get him to do that. I feel like I’m being greedy wanting him to sign all my stuff…but this one is particularly personal, so it would be extra special!

I want to hang it with the framed marble effect picture disc. Just give it a full “bells and whistles” thing. And so, now to get it printed! 

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