Race For Life Fundraising Target Met!

Today my £250 target was met, so…this means the Somebody Up There Likes You/Waterfront print will be given away. On Jim’s birthday, I will Facebook Live the drawing of the winner from the list of names of the £10+ donors.

To all the donors so far, thank you! I am so happy to have met the target. I am still happy to accept donations though, of course.

Race day is Sunday and the Just Giving page linked to my Race For Life will be accepting donations up to July 20th, so if you’d like to donate, you still can.

And those that donate £10+ up til 23.59 BST on Sunday, July 7th, will go into the draw for the signed print.

Wish me luck for Sunday, guys!

Some Things Are More Important – Race For Life Charity Auction

Last year when I participated in Race For Life for Cancer Research UK – I raised a meagre £68. I had a target of £150. I didn’t even make it to half my target. The only thing that kept me incentivised was…I would be doing something active for my own personal health. How could I see £68 making any damn difference to cancer research?! What would THAT achieve?

This year I have increased my target to £250. I’m already off to a great start with two £10 donations. But I want more! I want to make a difference!

I was going to give away a Priptona print to the highest donor. But, I don’t think that is incentive enough. Or even fair to other donors. So, I am going to make a big sacrifice here! All minimum £10 donations will go into a draw to win THIS! (See pics below.)

(As you can see from the photos, it currently adorns my landing space wall. Below is a clearer image of how the print looks – unframed and unsigned.)

There are only a few copies of this that exist in print. Jim has one of them. He requested a copy from me specifically. This is how bloody special this thing is! I do this with a heavy heart! “It’s no sacrifice”, sang Elton John. Well, it is! Trust me! But some things are much more important. Like the work Cancer Research UK do.

So, as I was saying, there are only a few copies of it in print. And only two are signed by Jim. My friend Janis has one (I asked Jim if he would sign a copy for her as Somebody Up There Likes You is her fave SM song, and her daughters appear very obscurely within the print – the beach scene is a photo I took at Victor Harbour in South Australia), and this one is obviously mine (for now).

The only proviso I am putting on this is that I reach my £250 target before this is given away. If I don’t reach the target, then the original regular SM print of the donor’s choice will be the giveaway.

So…there you go! How’s THAT for incentive to donate?! All £10+ donors will go into a draw to win my signed print of Somebody Up There Likes You/Waterfront (Jim always sees it as a Waterfront print…who am I to argue with him?). The target MUST REACH £250 for this to apply though. I will not be giving this print away for anything less. It means far too much.

So PLEASE, donate!

My Race For Life is on July 7th, 2019. All £10+ donations will be eligible up to and including that date. To donate just CLICK THE LINK HERE

Win A Reject Print!

Was printing a few of my pieces today for…something…and a couple went a little awry. All still perfectly good for hanging…

The “star” one is just slightly not true to colour, but still looks great, and the Someone print went a tad off kilter but would no doubt be able to be straightened up in a frame. There’s also the awful prospect of having my image on your wall with that one. Lol. (Someone had to be Ruby!)

So…put your hat in the ring if you want one of them! Just say in the comments which one you’d like to win, or either if you’re not fussed (one of you guys might like me on your wall! Lol. At least Jim will be there too.)

I’m away for the next couple of days as of tomorrow morning, so you’ve got til Sunday night to have a go.

I’ll announce winners on Monday morning.




With the news of the demise of the NME in print form, it is time once again to share the BEST cover the NME ever had in all its years of print…

So much so, a copy of it is on the wardrobe doors.


What about a BOWIE song typography? Anyone interested? Yep…I don’t just do Minds stuff (but, yes, I mostly do Minds stuff).

So, Bowie fans out there, if you’d like to win a typography with your personal choice of songs (a minimum of 30, up to 50)…just comment here…with a fave Bowie song, or album, or if you think there is indeed Life On Mars? (or otherwise) Just…say anything. Let me know you’re interested!

Enter by 23:59 next Wednesday (Dec 27th). Two winners will be announced the following day.


SM Song Typography Christmas Give Away!

Now, I seem to remember saying that I was going to give away something for Christmas a little while ago. So…how about this? A personalised SM Top 50 Typography…for yourself, or a nominated friend….

I’ll give TWO AWAY to any fans worldwide.

All you have to do is tell me what song on the new album, Walk Between Worlds you are wanting to hear the most.

Enter by 23:59 GMT Sunday December 3rd by leaving a comment on this post, and I’ll announce TWO WINNERS on Monday Dec 4th.

Good luck!

The NEW NGD Kerr Quote Art Print

I made an art piece based around the reply I got from Jim last year about my favourite precise point and sound on New Gold Dream (the track itself). It remains, still, one of my favourite replies from him. The more I read it, the more I sense he was slightly taking the mickey, but instead of saying (more likely! Lol) “I don’t f***ing know”, he replied with something awesome that made my day. It still makes my day! I read so much into it now. It’s a bit silly, full of bravado and cheek…but ultimately awesome, and actually does a bang on job of encapsulating the song.

Thank you kindly, sir. I’ll be forever grateful.

But, I digress. The piece I did based upon it, back in July, I now no longer like. So…I worked on a fresh one today, and I am liking it much more. What do you guys think? The new one is the first of the two. I think it looks MILES better (and has room on the right hand side of it for Jim to sign it…if I can possibly get him to do that. I feel like I’m being greedy wanting him to sign all my stuff…but this one is particularly personal, so it would be extra special!

I want to hang it with the framed marble effect picture disc. Just give it a full “bells and whistles” thing. And so, now to get it printed! 


Because at the moment I have literally ONE place to hang things on the wall, and because I love it so much, I have swapped my signed Hunter And The Hunted print for Shaun Edwards’ minimalist Empires And Dance era themed print. 

It looks stunning up on the wall!

You can shop for Shaun’s prints by clicking the link below:
Colours Fly Art Prints