The Agony And The Ecstacy

Yes, this site is primarily a Simple Minds blog. But my own personal blog. 

I try to balance it as much as possible. I try to have serious, informative content about the band…but my love for Jim reveals itself in manifest shameful ways. I adore him…have him on a pedastal…and feel destined never to meet him (do I even want that myth shattered? Do I want to knock him off that ever towering pedastal he is placed on? Probably not).

But there are personal elements I have put in this blog. Persuing the art…trying to get it off the ground. My love for all things ornithological.

And so today I must share the passing of my beloved cat, Chrissy. She very nearly made it to her 17th birthday. She meant the whole world to me. She was my fur baby.

I went to the Simple Minds gig at the Hackney Empire last night. It was all I could ever wish for. It was acoustically astounding…and the whole band were amazing! And I will gush and say that the man centre stage looked beautiful. You will always have my heart, Jim, even though I can never possibly have yours.

Chrissy died around 5pm. My partner, Em, kept the news from me all night as she did not want to spoil the magic of the gig for me. This woman whom I have shared my life with for nearly 20 years has the most beautiful soul anyone could have. 

My baby is gone, but will never be forgotten. She made such an impact on mine and Em’s lives. Goodbye, Chrissy, my beautiful fur baby. Mummy loves you forever.

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