Tearing Down Walls While Building Barriers

Yesterday the visitor wall seemed to…well, I was about to say “disappear”. Maybe not quite the right wording, but certainly all the content that was ever posted to the SMO FB visitor wall has gone! 

It appears you can still post to the wall…but nothing appears on the wall itself anymore. Well, at least not at the moment. It appears as though they have gone to “moderation” mode for posts to the visitor wall. 

It used to be regulated and posts deemed spam were deleted. Which was good. Then recently, it seemed to be less regulated, posts built up and it was a bit of a free-for-all in terms of any old thing being posted. But still good. There were good things! As with many things, there would be treasure amongst the trash.

My own personal experience of being a Minds fan, and interacting with Jim, would NEVER have happened without the visitor wall being open like it was. I’d have never felt able to share my art, and my love for them. I’d have never made so many friends and talked to fans. 

I’m gutted! 🙁

In letters to Jim, I’ve always said that this Facebook interactivity is what makes being a Minds fan extra special.

Maybe someone was abusing it? I hope that someone wasn’t deemed to be me! The whole doughnut thing was only ever meant to be a laugh! A silly little tonue-in-cheek piece of wishful thinking. Of course I’d love nothing more in the world for him to say yes, but it was not meant to be taken THAT seriously! I know my place. Many fans have waited years and years to meet him. I was only ever being cheeky, silly, and forever hopeful…but never expectant! 

If I really WAS that kind of person…I’d be following him EVERYWHERE. I don’t. I’ll ask, like I have been…or if genuine, serendipitous fate made it so? Wonderful! If he ever felt he had something to fear from me…well, I’d be devestated to think he would think of me like that! I’m excitable. I’m enthusiastic. I love the band, the music, the songwriting. YES! I love him! But I would never, ever DREAM of doing anything “out of line” or “untoward”. OMG! 

It was only ever wishful thinking.

And so, yes, I am in mourning. Maybe other fans don’t care as much. But I felt SSOO APART OF THINGS with it being there as it was. Now, if the wall is working under moderation…do they even SEE posts? I mean SMHQ themselves? One can only assume.

But, like I say…without it, beautiful things like this probably would never have happened…

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