Panic In The SM Fandom

Jim has created somewhat of a “shitstorm” in the Simple Minds fandom today. What he said was…referring to an album of NEW MATERIAL to come (those shitting all over the acoustic album releaese…no one is forcing you to like it or buy it…and stop feelng so fucking disheartened! IT’S ONE ALBUM! Now you lot can get a sense of what I feel about Live In The city Of Light…but I don’t waste time on it. I don’t go on about it like it’s the end of the fucking world! If you feel as thogh they have let you down…well, what can I say? Will you put nearly 40 years of them doing this for ONE album? Get over yourself!) was that “this might be our final album”. Our FINAL ALBUM. 

Not “we’re retiring”, “the band will stop touring”, “we won’t ever bring out new material again”. I really do think Jim needs to quickly clarify what he meant, because very recently he was still saying things like “so we can go on forever”, “we’ll never stop” – or words to that effect.

So I am genuinely believing what he means is that we will not have these kinda long-winded waits between new material. They’ll do stuff as and when time allows and they will release shortly thereafter. I.E: We’ll get single songs, or mini releases.

They have a new found passion. They have gained new fans since 2014 (me being one of them!). I really don’t think Jim or Charlie have plans to quit. I really don’t. Jim, for one, loves it too much! It’s in his DNA…why would he stop?

Fans, please! Stop being so maudlin! We love them. They love us! If I am wrong about what Jim said, I will gladly lick a cat’s bum…but I doubt he meant they are giving up. I doubt he’d ever drop a bombshell like that so flippantly. 


Discussing with the Other Half, we came to concesus that it could have been him just being comscious of his own mortality and the comment was meant as in “you don’t know what’s around the corner and life is short. We might not be here for much longer.” … Kind of thing. Just speculation on our part though.

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