Well You Just Lost…

ANY POTENTIAL CUSTOM I was about to give you. I wasn’t asking for pictures…just a bit more detail on what was in it. What an absolute cockwad! I wanted to buy it. I probably would have if they’d have given me a different reply. Even if their reply had been vague on detail…I would have taken a gamble. But based on THAT response…you ain’t getting a penny! AND…I will keep you on a list and make sure I NEVER buy from you in future.

Besides…I have NO IDEA how much a pack of cigarettes cost…and if you are a smoker, the magazine would have stunk anyway, so you did me a favour. Thank you! And of you are alluding to a pack of cigarettes as being “cheap”, well, they are not. (I’m sure many smokers would disagree with you on how “cheap” they are.) And neither is your magazine. Compared to current glossy music magazines on newsagent shelves, it’s a rip off! So, fuck you! 

And I CANNOT BELIEVE I used the wrong “their” in my question (of course I meant THERE!)! *sigh*

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