Made A Killing!

I’ll never understand why promo CDs command so much money! Actually explain to me what is so “collectable” about them? 

Anyway…this person made a killing tonight. They were selling both of these. £200 made on two promo CDs. Bloody jammy bugger!

2 thoughts on “Made A Killing!

  1. I’ve often thought about this myself. These promos are sent out to record stores, radio stations etc free off charge. Where they couldn’t care less about them. So why not send them out to people like yourself who could then listen and promote the new song through your site encouraging other fans to go out and buy them. Makes more sense to me!

    • I suppose they worry if they give them to “ordinary fans” that things will get leaked. But things get leaked anyway, esp. by those not interested. I mean, I like having rarified things in my collection, but I’ve stopped collecting stuff in music format at the moment. I still get the odd piece of memorabilia, but that has mostly stopped too. This year was more about the live gig experience and doing as much of that as I could.
      As for the promos? I know a guy whose worked many years as a DJ, puts in requests to get SM promo CDs when new material is due for release, and he never has any luck getting anything. A SM fan AND DJ…he has a genuine purpose for asking for these promo discs, and he gets denied. I feel for him. As for me? I wouldn’t expect to be privy to them. I’m just a fan running an amateur blog…I wouldn’t get a look in.

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