AT LAST! Simple Minds’ Debut Appearance on TOTP

This Friday! September 16th, 2016, 7.30pm British Summer Time. The Top Of The Pops episode from April 15th, 1982 has its repeat, featuring none other than SIMPLE MINDS on their debut, performing (miming…damn you BBC!) Promised You A Miracle.

Jim in the white suit and the black boots….IN HD!!!! Grrrrrr!!!!!! OH MY BLOODY GIDDY AUNT!!!

I mean, I know the clip is on the New Gold Dream box set…but it just won’t feel the same as this.

I will be having a TOTP party this Friday night. If ANYONE disturbs me…THEY ARE GOING TO GET IT!!!! BE WARNED! DO NOT DISTURB ME ON FRIDAY EVENING! (Unless you are Jim Kerr…that’s the only allowance of disruption I will accept!)

Squeeee and bloody squeeee again! *Dies in fangirl state of frenzy*

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