The Adam Sweeting Book…

Naughty boys!! Oh my damn god, I would give my left arm to have been there! 

Like when I read this Bowie book years ago…all that stuff with the Mainman years…it just sounded so f***ing AWESOME!! 

I would SSOO want to be in that “boys club”! Can I swap with Jane, please?!! Or just be one of the groupies?! Be Jim’s slag. Lol. Hell, I got it baaaaaad! 

That’s the difference though with the Bowie days. I read that and just want to soak up the atmosphere of it. Be immersed in the chaos. Never had a thing for David like that…as much as I adore him as a performer and musician. But with Jim?! Yep! Use me. Abuse me. Spit me out! Lol. I’d take it all. Or just be sitting there…or standing about…just waiting and waiting. 


It’s going to be a great read, even if some or most is fiction. Who knows? 

And the picture. The second picture! Just…kill…me…now!

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