The Stranglers – Best Live Band In The World? Could Be!

Yes, this *is* a Simple Minds (Jim Kerr) blog, but last night I think I may have seen the best gig in my ENTIRE life! And considering recent connections between The Stranglers and Simple Minds – well, I can discuss the gig here. It’s *my* blog – sod it!

They just hit the ground running! Entered the stage to the sound of Waltz In Black. Already I was pleased just hearing that! Lol

Third song in was (Get a) Grip (on Yourself) and it was awesome. We had some banter from Baz Warne after it. Saying hello to us and just saying funny stuff like, “Third song in and I’m sweatin’ like Pavarotti in a…” I couldn’t make out what he said then, I was already laughing…would assume the last word was “sauna” or similar?

The crowd went off for Nice ‘n’ Sleazy, Golden Brown (obvs), Always The Sun (crowd sing-a-long was WONDERFUL!), Go Buddy Go…but my favourite bit of the set was when they started Skin Deep. I was SSSSOOOO, SO hoping to hear Skin Deep and couldn’t believe my luck when it started up…then straight from that on to Peaches! AWESOME!! Peaches is ssooo damn sexy!

And the guys just hit the mark, musically. So tight, so effertless. JJ – wow. Baz – damn great frontman. (Hugh who??? Lol.) Dave – just consumate punk…playing his keyboards with his right hand while at regular intervals, without any break in play, reach for a drink AND drink it AND put it back while NEVER missing a note or looking phased. The true epitome of cool! 

And their drummer on this tour, Jim Macaulay. Wow!!! He is brilliant! More of him, please!

And speaking of cool…Baz’s second batch of banter. “We’ve got the ‘cool corner’ over here. There’s a guy here with a Paul Weller hairdo. You’re showing your age, man! I could talk!…and this guy here, he’s been wearing sunglasses the whole gig! Have you got a medical condition? It is fucking Sydney after all, I guess.” Lol.

I kept waiting and waiting for No More Heroes…but they kept us waiting til right at the end! Two encores…and final song of the night.

Did I say how awesome it was???! Will DEFINITELY be seeing them again. What a night!

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