Why I Love…All For You

Working as I did in my chronological delve into Simple Minds back in the summer of 2014, this song was the first I REALLY latched on to. 
Strange that, given looking at Dream Giver Redux for the lyrics, I read that it was a last minute addition to the Life In A Day album, as they were a track short. It was considered the “runt” of the tracks and didn’t even get a demo! That’s me! Plumbing for the underdog without even knowing it!
Charlie’s guitar is very “rocky” on this. And it has a great riff – esp. on the chorus. Mick’s keys/synths are understated but there is a great jangling solo in the middle! Jim’s voice is light and positively chipper – but those words! I love that concept (quite possibly unintentional) of delivering dark words with a light/airy voice. 
I read in an interview a while back that Jim said if the music career had failed for him, he would have probably been a journalist. I can see that…but I can much more see him being a novelist. He’s too much of a story-teller (and I really do not mean that in a derogatory way). He has too much imagination. Journalists are MEANT TO deal in facts – some do a great job at elaborating and expressing, but it’s news after all and needs to be reported without bias. It’s a fine line though. And I’m sure he would have made a great journalist. But boy am I glad this whole music thing worked out for him because it is SSOOO where he needed to be :-))
Again…it’s just SSOO image rich. I mean, it’s a simple song. And a traditional sub-3-minute pop/rock song. I really don’t get why it was deemed the runt. Don’t get me wrong, Life In A Day (the song) and Chelsea Girl were probably the right choices for singles and I love them…but All For You was the one that lured me in to where I am now (and will continue to be as a diehard Minds fan).
I just think it’s perfect and succinct. That traditional post-punk rock sound, the juxtaposition of the dark words with the light vocal delivery, that jangled, quirky keyboard solo…and the backing vocals too. I love those backing vocals! “I had a walk the other day to meet someone I think you know.” I’m always singing along :-))
And that is why I love All For You.

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