Radio Bhoy – Show 3

Well, before this week’s show even started, I was theorising what he’d open it with. I thought, “Bowie week one, Velvet Underground week two. This week it HAS to be Roxy?”

Lo and behold! But I was having Internet trouble right up til the final minutes before the show started, so couldn’t put my prediction out there! Lol

I’m putting my prediction in for the final week(!!!) here now…The Doors. We’ve not had a Doors track yet. Will probably be L.A. Woman, but if he picked one of my two faves – Touch Me or Love Me Two Times – I will be made up! Having said that…it could be T-Rex…or Peter Gabriel (Brian Pern) or some early Genesis (Thotch).

Anyway, on to this week’s show. Some felt it wasn’t quite as…dynamic as the first two but for me it was just…different.

He played The Verve. Mercifully it was Lucky Man because if it had been The Drugs Don’t Work, I think I would have lost it!

We got Future Islands – Jim describing Samuel T. Herring as “part Columbo, part Groucho Marx”! Lol. Then went on to say that others have drawn comparisons between himself and Sam’s stage presence.

Golden Brown by The Stranglers was played. And he reiterated words he’d expressed before that, maybe without having gone to see The Stranglers play Glasgow in 1977 – his and Charlie’s career in music, and henceforth Simple Minds, might not have happened without them.

Frankie Goes To Hollywood – Two Tribes. It just stands the test of time. Just knock out. I did say to him on the SM visitor wall that I’d had Welcome To The Pleasuredome…the track itself, stuck in my head for the previous 24 hours. And I had. Especially those “shooting stars never stop, even when they reach the top/there goes a super nova, what a pushover” lines.

He also chose one of Catherine Anne Davies songs from The Anchoress album Confessions Of A Romance Novelist.

And then…his intro to the next song had me in fits of laughter. He didn’t mean it as it came out, obviously – and if you know me you’ll know my love of innuendo and double entendre and you’ll get why I laughed so much. What he’d said was (referring to the varying ways he’d seen Billy Bragg perform live) “I’ve seen him standing in the street, bashing it out”. I couldn’t even then take in the song…I was in hysterics the whole time! I’m such a smutty, smutty cow! Lol. By the way, he played A New England.

I, of course, came back down to earth when I heard the opening chords to Blackbird. “Blackbird singing in the dead of night/take these broken wings and learn to fly”. I had been watching blackbirds in the back yard just that morning. I do love blackbirds and their song. When I’m at home, I get them to sing more by whistling back at them, mimicking their song. Blackbirds in Australia never seem to sing. Well, I’ve never heard them! I suppose they are competing with ssoo many other birds here, they just keep quiet. There are elements of the Australian magpie song, that, melodically, sound similar to the blackbirds call.

Songs by Chvrches and Pink Floyd and the show was over again all too soon.

I could seriously listen to him all day!

In the days leading up, he put a post on the FB page with a picture that was like a meme, it read “I may not have a pretty face, but I sure do have good music taste”. I replied saying I didn’t think the first part was STRICTLY true (and it’s not – he’s beautiful) but the second part DEFINITELY was. And it is! He has great taste.

Back in the Tumblr days of the blog, a survey went round with what things you’d like to do with members of your favourite band…go out partying with, go to the beach with, write poetry for, etc. One was “listen to music with” and my choice (quite obviously, I suppose) was Jim. Because, above all else, that would be the most awesome way to spend time with him. That, or going to an art exhibition…or both. It would be amazing.

Here is part three to listen to – Jim Kerr on Absolute Radio Part 3


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