Lyric Of The Day – Magic Innerworld

Lyric of the day

Song: Magic Innerworld

Album: Rare Mixes From Great Songs – White Spaces feat. Jim Kerr

Year of release 2008 (album release)

Words: Jim Kerr

One of my favourite tracks that is Simple Minds linked. Mr Dream Giver Redux was quite dismissive of it, but to each their own, I suppose. I love dance music. I love the words and the way he delivers them…esp. the words printed around the outer of my picture. Very sexy! His voice is up front of the mix and close. He whispers…with headphones on, as if right in your ear. I can almost feel his hands cupped around my ear as he whispers to me “I adore you”. I bloody wish!! Ditto, Mr Kerr. Ditto!

I adore you!

Anyway, have a listen to it yourself.

A link to the Dream Giver Redux “review”/info

Magic Innerworld – Gaudi’ Interpretation

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