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SIMPLE MINDS“All The Things She Said” b/w “Don’t You Forget About Me (live)”

[1986. 45rpm. Canadian pressing]

In a way, Simple Mind’s greatest hit, “Don’t You Forget About Me” did more harm then good.

It’s an absolutely phenomenal song, but when you have a hit THAT big, people really don’t want to hear anything else from you. The massive weight of a song of that magnitude can positively crush you.

Now, it’s hard to argue that the song crushed them, or destroyed their career, seeing that they’re still making music to this day, and they’ve had a pretty long run.

However, I feel that it did keep people from discovering and experiencing the incredible breadth of their full catalog, and the vast amount of musical riches contained within.

“All The Things She Said” is an example of one of those rich nuggets.

A GREAT FRIGGIN SONG, but it’s only one of many Simple Minds songs I feel could have been huge hits, but people never really got over “Don’t You”. 

So incredibly ironic that a live version of that song is the B-side here. 

When you bring up Simple Minds, it’s 100% inescapable.

Listen to Simple Minds’ entire discography. Theres some mind-blowingly cool rewards waiting for you.

I could not have said it better myself.

Round of applause to you!!


*bows in respect*

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