First 10 Shuffle Mode

I was tagged by hanzcubed for this (sorry it took me a few days to respond).
Sadly, my shuffle mode list is going to be a bit one dimensional – I don’t have much music on my iPod. Anyway…will you be able to guess the band that will exclusively feature on this list? Lol

Here goes…

Bring On The Dancing Horses – Simple Minds (cover)
Sleeping Girl – Simple Minds
This Is It – Simple Minds
Teardrop – Simple Minds (cover)
Hello I love You – Simple Minds (cover)
The American (extended mix) – Simple Minds
League Of Nations – Simple Minds
Blindfolded (Reprise) – Simple Minds
One Step Closer – Simple Minds
Shadows and Light – Simple Minds

Yep, embarrassingly one dimensional :-/ I *do* listen to other music (sometimes)…but tend to do that on Spotify.

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