Lol. OH MY GOD…I’m a fruit loop! Lol

I really went ahead and did it! Lol. I got the shirt made! Lol. It does look awesome though! At least I’ve helped security with their job! Lol

Oh, I am kidding! As much as I adore Jim…I’m faaaaar too embarrassed to go anywhere near him! If he had ever accepted my “doughnut date” offer…lord knows what I would have actually done!! Lol. Other than cower in a corner and pretend I wasn’t there. Pretended to have given him a dizzy.

What girl in her right mind would EVER stand him up, though? Must have rocks in their heads! Or be…BANANAS! Lol

Spotify My (Simple) Mind

Lol. These stats will surprise no one. Well, only the bit where it says I listened to 132 different artists – really? It’s looking pretty Simple Minds heavy to me! Lol


Lol. I love my Other Half. Sooo understanding of my obsession with this man…she says to me when I was saying how I’d been searching for new/old/unseen pictures, “you’ll be able to start your own ‘WiKERRpedia’ soon”. It cracked me up SSOO much, I *had* to make this :-)))

She also added that, of course, pre-Internet days (Yes! I’m THAT old.), I would have had to print up a volume of Encyclopaedia BritanniKERR. Lol

Jim Kerr: Stand-Up?

Lol. Seriously…I could not love this man any more if I tried.

Thanks to the time diff. my reply came a little too late for a response, yet…anyway.

But, if he DOES enter the comedy circuit, he might need to consider a name change…

A Jim Kerr AND a Jimmy Carr out on the circuit could only lead to confusion. And HEAVEN FORBID ANYONE confusing JK for JC!

James, Jim or Jimmy?

Every morning when mum comes out to the kitchen she says “Hello” to my Jim cushion. I had to chastise her though, cos at first she was saying “Hello, James”. Lol. I had to tell her it’s just plain Jim. Explaining that he is Jim, dad is Jimmy, and son is James.

She’s been sticking to it of late. But this morning she says “Stuff it! From now on I’m calling him Jimmy!”

Ooh, she’s a rebel! I’d be WAAAY too worried about inciting the “Wrath of Kerr” for such rebellious behaviour. Lol