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I didn’t bother to mention this on the blog earlier in the week. I don’t know why? A general air of disappointment, I guess.

Kismet. It can be great, but it can suck too. A absolutely love this city and I am sssooo, so happy to be living here, but….hand on heart, I guess I hoped it would mean spotting His Kerrness on the street now and then. Increase the serendipity of a chance meeting. It wasnae meant to be. Covid and Brexit drove him outta town? Pffft. Ah, well. Que sera sera…

Reading this I couldn’t help but hear Graeme Thomson say to me at the end of my interview with him “you’re not going to turn it into one of those awful ‘Q and A’ style pieces, are you?” Lol. I tried to steer clear of that as much as possible, but Helen did it better. Hence, she works for The Times, and I run a blog. Never too late? We’ll see.

To pick up on the “words of wisdom”.

I have no patience. Lol. Well…I don’t feel I have any anyway. Perhaps I don’t know myself that well? Or I am not the best judge of my own character? Nah…enthusiasm gets the better of me far too much, and the lack of the virtuous trait of patience is its price.

Success is less about talent and more about the effort you make…? I never expected “success” to become such a subjective philosophically defining word, but it is. We all have our own ideas on what it is and how to measure it, or how WE, individually, measure it. First off it really is just asking the question WHAT is “success”? It has several definitions in the end. It depends on your yardstick.

Mistakes are vital for future learning. And here I am, the student. At last, comfortable and ready to learn from my mistakes, instead of being afraid to fail and in doing so failing worst of all and deepest of all – but wrongly.

Fail better!

5 thoughts on “The Tao Times

  1. No wonder you’re disappointed with that article .Not Jim’s fault though, he’s only answering the same questions he’s been asked a million times before. I believe someone like yourself would ask him more probing questions that he’s probably never been asked before and he’d enjoy the ‘challenge’ of answering them.
    I’ve always wondered what he thought was generally the best moment of playing a gig ie was it initially entering the stage , a certain point of a song , a particular line he was singing .., whatever.

    What’s the one question you would ask?

    • That’s a really nice thing to say – that I’d ask “better” more probing questions. I’d like to hope…and more so that he’d enjoy it more than answering the usual stock of questions. It’s why I really liked that interview with Mark Millar from SXNOIZE and even Billy Sloan will ask him different questions because he knows that the fans will be tuned in.
      I can dream the scenario all I like though, I don’t think it’ll happen.
      I’m getting over it. In the grand scheme of things, it matters little.
      Playing on the theory that pigs fly and this dream interview would take place? Lol. Other than the “semi-monde” question …. What one question would I ask him? I guess it would be to do with the thing that I have admired most about him – and I think it hardly ever gets asked of him – what single line to a lyric is he most … I hesitate to use the word “proud” (due to the negative connotation it can produce in people, including myself) but no other word works as well…proud of – or happiest with? The one line he’d consider his pinnacle. (And he better not fucking say “La la la la”! 😂😂😂)

      • THAT is a brilliant question. Fuck you, I need to know the answer now. 😂 Seeeeeeeee if you ever do get to interview him…, can you ask him my question please? 😎

        • Lol. Well, we’ll probably be waiting a long time for the answer. IF…IF I ever get my dream, I’ll ask your question.
          He has said that his favourite song to perform is the last song of the night, because he’s thinking about his dinner. 😂😂😂😂

        • Actually, you know what I’d REALLY love to ask him? “Will you be my friend, Jim?”
          Stupid, ridiculous question to which in my heart I know the rhetorical answer.

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