Vlog Waffles Are Moving

In an exercise in tidying up this godforsaken blog, I will be shifting all the “Waffle” video blog posts (aka Vlogs) to a centralised page link. You should now see a page header called “Vlog Posts” in the menu. That’s where any new posts can be viewed. I may notify of a new post, if any go there.

The vlogs are something I want to come away from doing. And I certainly don’t want the main area of the blog full of vlog postings, hence I will be shifting them over there.

So…there you go.

Here’s hoping for some kind of return to “normal”. Whatever “normal” means when it comes to me and this absolute embarrassment of a blog.

If you ever had any interest in the video waffles, or more amazing still, if you ever took the time to WATCH any of them, I thank you.

2 thoughts on “Vlog Waffles Are Moving

  1. I for one have absolutely loved your vlog waffles! They’ve been good company during a solo lockdown (if that doesn’t sound too weird 😆). I discovered your blog after staying at Hotel Villa Angela late 2019 and wanting to find out more about SM, but have ended up enjoying hearing about your everyday life and thoughts too. I can relate to a lot of what you say. Hope your blog plans work out and please be reassured there are many who appreciate it for many reasons. I’ll still visit even if you don’t post anymore videos – all your content is so interesting and engaging. Thank you! 👏 🤗

    • Alice, thank you so much for such lovely, kind words. You don’t know what these mean to me! Honestly. Most of the time I feel like this blog is as much of a mess as me and that – it’s pretty pathetic. But I will feel more pride in it thanks to your wonderful words. I’m so happy my ramblings helped you to feel less alone during lockdown. That means so much to me. Thank you ❤️

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