Interviewland – The Boss and The Piraña.

There are a few interviews I have neglected to highlight here – because my blog is slack and too Kerr obsessive to think of much else. Lol


Bruce has been interviewed and the result is a three part podcast of discussion. You can find the link to the SHOUT podcast HERE

Also, Mr Francis Xavier Gallagher (aka Soundman Confidential) has gotten round to interviewing old Chuckie B – and you can take a listen to that one HERE

Also there was a second part to Kenny Hyslop’s interview with Neil Saint for the Retropopic Radio station. You can find the links HERE

Priptona, out! 👋🏻

3 thoughts on “Interviewland – The Boss and The Piraña.

  1. brilliant! fucking hell. he cant half talk. Watched Jinky Gilmour’s interview with him and poor Jinky could not get a word in. 🙂

    • Lol. I love Bruce. He’s fab. And he has just been so lovely to me. Puts up with my silly questions and picking his brain on things. Love him to bits. I’ve still not listened to Charlie’s interview with Frank but I really enjoyed when Jim talked to Frank. I’m sure Charlie will be as much fun.
      And, thank you for what you sent to me earlier. If no one else cares about this blog but me and you, then that’s enough. Your support means everything, Scott. Thank you ❤️

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