Chained Connolly

I went into the city today and walked about Glasgow Green. As we (the OH was with me) walked down to the Green from Queen Street Station, I took photos of things that caught my eye or piqued my interest.

My favourite photo I took today is this one below. It was taken while standing in New Wynd. I like the perspective it gave, snapping the mural through the metal fencing.

The depth of field manipulation means Billy is in focus which makes it seem like the blurred fence is in motion almost.

It sets off a metaphor for me. Billy breaking free of some of the shackles of this city.

I read a book on him YEARS ago now, might have been his autobiography, in fact. He had a tough upbringing but geez, what joy he has brought to the world.

Anyway, just wanted to share the pic here.

Love ya, Big Yin! ❤️

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