Some Kind Of Wonderful

Something wonderful and unexpected happened over the Easter weekend. It was quite lovely and I was pretty overwhelmed by it to be honest. But, as with the usual kind of thing that happens in my life…the enthusiasm bubbles over and I go a bit… “anorak” on people…

Despite the “anorak” in me though, I asked a really stupid question and probably ruined what was an otherwise potentially wonderful thing.

I dunno.

It just seemed like a really lovely thing. And there was an email exchange with it and now I seem to have lost those emails this morning. Like I accidentally deleted them or something – because they have just DISAPPEARED.

What will be will be, I guess.

No one else would be bothered much – but for me, it was a BIG thing and it made me so happy. Another thing that seemed ssooo intangible but for a fleeting bit of time it appeared tangible, only to disappear.

A ghost. An apparition. A figment of my imagination. Blossom petals in the wind…

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