Glasgow Anniversary!

One year ago today, we moved in to our new home (new for us!) in Glasgow. It was a loooong journey up. We didn’t get much sleep. Our van was broken into on the way up. Some things were stolen, but a lot of it was okay. And at least they didn’t take off with the van entirely.

Small mercies.

We arrived just about this very minute (writing this out at 8.10am). We got lost during the final few miles once we came off the M74 but we got there in the end.

I love you, Glasgow! And I love you, Scotland! There is nowhere else I would rather be.

Photos showing that it looks almost identical to how it looked when we arrived here in the morning one whole year ago. She’s a little frosty today!

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    • Erm…
      I haven’t played in months. So…not well. Just suddenly thought “what am I doing”? It just all feels too late. But, I’m trying to get motivated to get back to the kit.
      We’ll see…

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