Beating My Head Against The Wall

Because…I don’t know what else to do with myself.

I saw this sketch on Instagram of Jim Kerr and Charlie Burchill and I thought it looked really lovely. I love that the artist got Mr Kerr in the, what I like to call, the “hairdresser’s bib” – this odd black scarf/kerchief thing he wore in 1982/3. They drew it well.

Kerr is a bit abstract. It’s not an exact likeness. And it also does look a little like the guy from The Lotus Eaters, but I like it. A link to the artist’s Instagram account is below.

I wish I had a modicum of this kind of talent. Alas…

4 thoughts on “Beating My Head Against The Wall

  1. Apologies , for replying again, but you are way too hard on yourself, Larelle You’re clearly talented with your own artwork.

    • Thanks for being so kind, Scott. Most days I just don’t feel it. It’s that imposter thing. Always why I put “art” in commas when I am referring to my own stuff.

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