Wam Bam Thank You, MainMan!

Ramoana, who is out on the interwebbings hosting a weekly Bowie show on a Canadian Internet radio station pointed me towards THIS! What MAY just be the BEST podcast series I am about to listen to.

I bloody LOVE the MainMan period….mostly because it’s just well…several things – Defries is a fucking MANIAC money hungry megalomaniac….but the people who worked around the office and with David at the time, Tony Zanetta, Leee Black Childers, Warren Peace, Freddie Burretti, Dana Gillespie, Ava Cherry, etc, etc – they all have such amazing stories. It just sounds like such an amazing kind of chaos to be involved in!

Anyway…I will definitely be sinking my teeth into this tonight. And living vicariously through one of the most incredible periods of David Bowie’s career.


You can also get more info and further info by visiting the site mainmanlabel.com

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