Where Has It Gone?

Today’s wafflefest about why I am not listening to much music and pondering why this is happening…

2 thoughts on “Where Has It Gone?

  1. Keep your chin up, never give up on your dreams, and never stop being you!. Your art is amazing and you are a lovely person. Don’t give up on the Minds, Sir, lol. He is just living his life and means no harm I am sure. x

    • Thanks, Karen. I’m always doubting my ability or whether it is even in fact “art”. Hence I am always putting the word in quotation marks.
      I would never consciously or deliberately give up on SM. I absolutely love the music too much – even if it has been feeling like I may have been too “over exposed” to it recently. I fell in love with listening to them again last night. Certain tracks just conjure up particular feelings, etc. Jim is, well…another story. I’m in a constant state of just – questioning stuff.
      Thanks for messaging though. It’s good to know someone is listening. Until I think about some of the stuff I share. Lol
      I hope you’re doing okay? X

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