Pete Still Photography – Simple Minds 1982 London Gig Photo Set

A few other fans in the groups I am on mentioned this set of photos being sold on eBay. A photographer named Pete Still is selling a set of 30 photos that he took during a gig at the Lyceum Theatre in London on December 8th, 1982.

I’m not sure what kind of kit he had at the time, but I’m guessing it isn’t anything too pro. The photos aren’t from the press pit but way back and up in the rafters.

Given that and they have been printed on 6 x 4 inch Fujifilm quality paper, they look pretty fab and are very reasonably priced (you can also buy individual larger copies).

Photos by Pete Still Photography

I’ve laid out a montage of the photos here just so you get a sense of scale and quality. For just over £10 including postage (UK), I am very happy with these prints.

You can order your own by clicking on the link HERE

He also is on Facebook at –

2 thoughts on “Pete Still Photography – Simple Minds 1982 London Gig Photo Set

  1. Hello i have just found you website .
    i have followed Simple Minds since 1980 i have just found a long lost box of Simple Minds
    Audio Tapes i have over 50 some i recorded my self some i bought at Camden Town long before it was trendy.
    I contaced Pete Still on the off chance of him having any old stock photos from 1982/84
    He kindly offered to transfer them to digital that was after Christmas he took a bit of time he messaged in early March say they are ready .
    I bought some from 1989 as well i asked about the Hammersmith Odeon sets from May 1984
    he said not at this time.
    At this moment im transfering my orignal tape from the Lyceum 1982 December 7th
    it sound quite crisp unlike the downloads on the web.
    I thought i would leave a message .

    • Hi Sean,
      Oh, to have the memories from those times. I would love it. And how fab to have bootlegs that you recorded yourself. Great to have such things. And great of Pete to transfer the tapes over for you. I believe there were two dates for SM at the Lyceum for the NGD tour. Do you remember if you were there for both? (Try not to make me too jealous by saying yes! Lol)

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