Theme For The Greatest City?

I’ve lived nearby two of the greatest cities in the world during my time on Earth – Sydney and London (I lived roughly as far out of the centre of London being based in Luton as I had done living in the urban sprawl of south-western Sydney from its central (CBD – the Australian term for a city’s business heart – the Central Business District).

I have never lived so close to the heart of a city as I do now, living just two miles away from the centre of Glasgow. If you lived “two miles out of London” ie: the City of Westminster – you’d still be enveloped right within what most people would still consider “London”. Greater London sprawls out pretty much to the circumference of the M25 motorway that circles it.

Similarly for Sydney – it’s sprawling horseshoe that extends out from the harbour and coastline fattens out in a huge crescent and reaches the outer western suburbs of Penrith due west, Richmond to the northwest, Palm Beach on the north coast, Campbelltown to the southwest, and down to Bundeena on the south coast.

I have been a resident of Glasgow all of 6 months and I already have so much pride in this place being my home. Will I ever feel a true “local”? That I doubt. My accent draws me apart as soon as I open my mouth. Do the locals seem to care? No. Most I would talk to (unless actual neighbours in the street) would think me one of the many visitors that this city draws in. And it DOES draw in visitors.

I mean…just look at it! It is beautiful! It really is.

I didn’t know this video had been put on YouTube. If I had known, I’d have shared it earlier. Thanks to Mr Kerr sharing it on the Simple Minds FB page and revealing the YT link, I am now sharing it here. I like the cover – they’ve thought outside the box with it for sure. But the thing that makes it is the stunning footage of this beautiful city. My love affair with her is in the early phase…and oh, how I miss her during lockdown! But…I am seeing parts of her already – exploring my local parts of the city – that I may not have bothered discovering quite so eagerly had lockdown not required some rethinking in keeping up resolve and keeping mind and body healthy.

Glasgow…you are a shining beacon and I adore you!

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