Lockdown Let-out

Off topic… but honestly… what the hell else is there to talk about in the world of SM? Maybe that’s why Jim is so damn quiet? Pffft. Nah. He’s just fucking bored to death with us. Fine, Sir! We can take a hint… if you hint at it by throwing bricks directly at it. Lol


Sometimes you just have to get oot the hoose, ken. Today I planned to go out. Initially I was going to go to the Necropolis but soon decided that was a bit too cavalier a choice given the kind of restrictions in place on funerals at the moment. It just would have felt disrespectful to be there without a genuine reason (ie: visiting a loved one’s grave) so I decided on going somewhere else.

The choice became Ruchill Park. It was actually rather lovely there. And although there were some people around, it was easy enough to observe social distancing guidelines – it wasn’t swarming with hordes of people.

There were bluebells that were pink! Well, there were these pink flowers in amongst the bluebells anyway. Trees with rusty bark…as if they bleed Irn Bru. There were amazing views around the city and I saw my first thrush that wasn’t a blackbird. I am going to assume what I saw was a song thrush as they are in more abundance than the mistle thrush – but maybe mistle thrushes are more common in Scotland?

Below is a bit of video and some photos. Enjoy…

2 thoughts on “Lockdown Let-out

  1. NIce pictures! Don’t think I’ve ever been to Ruchill Park. You’d like Linn park .Mr Kerr has written many times of his love for the place. (Im sure he was still walking there every morning when he was staying with his dad .) I stayed about 100m from it for years. Good for drinking in as a teenager but not enough flat areas for a decent game of football. 🙂

    • One day I might get to wander over to the southside. It feels like some kind of uncharted territory. One trip to Thornliebank and Mansewood to view a house and that was it. Oh, I tell a lie….we picked up our dining table and chairs from Cambuslang. Other than that…

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