Remote Musical Collaborations

A friend – Scott – has been really lovely in giving me encouragement and support with the drumming practice. He plays guitar and bass and has taken a few of my drum samples and added to them.

I never thought this would become “a thing”. That someone would want to use my drum parts to fool around with and add bits to.

I’m sure Scott wouldn’t mind me saying that it’s all very amateur, but I love these little remote jams. I am feeling like I am some pro muso working on actual music collaborations.

Thanks for the permission to share this little snippet, Scott.

He said I I could give it a title. Not sure what to call it, really. Perhaps seeing as Scott IS a Scot, we can call it “Razzy Jam”? Lol. I don’t know… All’s I know is, I like it 🙂

It’s a rough cut, not tidied up at the ends…in true “rough jam” fashion. “Razzy Jam” – with pips 😁

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