58 Today…

Well, he *would* have been.

Time heals, they say. But it doesn’t. It gets harder. Well, it gets harder for me. With every passing year I miss him more and more.

And maybe now…just maybe…with me finally trying to do all the things I’m doing and having some kind of (still meaningless) purpose. Trying not to make my life a TOTAL waste of oxygen, he’d have not been so disappointed in me.

I’m sorry I let the bullies win for so long, David. I love you more than you will ever know and I miss you so, so much.

Sorry for the personal post. I post about him here because I don’t want my family to see how much it hurts me still (they never come to this blog).

I find this picture of him most curious because I could never imagine for the life of me David giving a speech…or even being remotely conformable doing so…or having more than five words to say. Lol. You must have given the shortest speech in history, bro.

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