Caezar Interview On Pulse Radio

Always lovely to hear Joe and Jinky talk. Such lovely guys. Feeling quite down at the prospect of having to miss their latest Oran Mor gig on Feb 15th – but with some luck, I might just be able to make it. If you guys out there can, I implore you to go see them. You WON’T be disappointed!

In the meantime, here’s their interview with Diana Schad…

2 thoughts on “Caezar Interview On Pulse Radio

  1. I went to the first one at Oran mor and couldn’t really get into it . I might attend the feb gig as they did have something about them . The album’s a grower .

    • I’d say definitely give them another chance live. I saw them at Windsor theweek before the Oran Mor gig and I felt they performed better then compared to the Oran Mor gig. I do hope I get to go again but at the moment I can’t fully commit.

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