The Beat Of Time?

I suddenly found myself intrigued by the picture Jim chose to use for his post about age. The problem was, how was I going to search for it? How did he find it? How did he search for it?

So I put in “butterfly watch age” and there it was in amongst the image search results. A tattoo design, no less!

So…what is the symbolism behind it? A butterfly and a pocket watch…what does it say about age? They are symbols of contrasts, really. A pocket watch – to me – represents time, obviously. And time moves forward, and waits for no man. It takes no prisoners.

A butterfly? Well, unless it is a monarch that metamorphosed at the end of summer and hibernates through winter, it will have a short life span. Butterflies can cram a lot into their brief lives…a butterfly that actually MIGRATES thousands of miles from north to south America. How amazing is that?

So, is he talking in juxtaposition? How does a butterfly and a watch equate to age? I love how this man makes me think. Wish I could talk to him. But, as always, he’d run rings around me and my brain would explode. Lol. I’d be happy to let him try…and would pray for the day I could respond with confidence.


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