Sometimes…You Just Never Find It

Sometimes it comes really easy and after just a short play…something develops, takes shape and is there before I know it.

Other times (like tonight)…I build layer upon layer upon layer…add things, remove things, change things. Get a sense of what I want, but lose perspective trying to find it. That…nothing ever is quite right.

As a result…with this one I am really not sure. I knew what I was after, but still don’t think I’ve quite achieved it. I’ve been trying for about three hours though…and I could have kept going for three hours more…but frustration was kicking in. Which it usually does. I find it soothing and relaxing to begin with…and if it’s flowing right and going in the right continues to feel that way. But when it ISN’T moving along how I want it to…I begin to lose focus and it becomes aggravating, and I just have to come to a stop.

But, I feel I need to complete something. Produce a final “product”, even when unhappy with it.

The good days and the bad days…

(PS: The rest of that wording can be open to interpretation. When I first chose the wording, I was thinking of Jim himself and so, for me, it ended with “IS gold”. But then having written out this post, and the frustrations of it not always gelling when doing my arty farty bits, that changed to “is NOT ALWAYS gold”. Take your pick…)

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