Making Plans With Minds In My Mind

All the stuff whirling around in my brain…

Mum. My sister. The money. When will it arrive? How soon is now? (Yeah…Morrissey lyrics are forefront in my head most days at the moment). Can I make it home by the middle of November? Should I try? How purposeful can I actually be? Can I bring mum home with me?

And in amongst it all the guilt for the selfish side of it. To be in a position still utterly unfathomable to me. And within that…

Can I get to see Minds in Newcastle? Will I get to see them in Oz within the next six months? Will they be back out there next year?

Before the more rather pressing feeling and this “immediacy” to get home was “the grand plan”.

The money comes in. We move, settle into a new place and THEN a trip to Oz happens…hopefully allowing for both family time and all that goes with it, and in an ideal world…a city tour seeing Simple Minds gigs…at least in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide. Or if it was a more extensive tour than the last one…perhaps Canberra and Wollongong? I dream such dreams…

Now, I perhaps dream it back to front…

A quick trip to Oz in several weeks…taking in that one precious Newcastle gig. Back home…move sorted (like we could move in 8-10 weeks! And over Xmas/New Year! 😂😂😂😂) – then back out to Oz for a more extended stay in Jan/Feb. See how plausible it actually IS to bring an ageing woman in poor health over to the UK for several months.

All of it just whirls and whirls around. I am being rendered motionless in every other way by its magnitude.

Yeah…I said I wasn’t going to talk of it anymore, but whilst it is forefront in my mind, I can think of little else.

(The first pic is one I took last time I was there, from Cockatoo Island. The other is…just…encapsulating the dream…had to share it)

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