I Feel You…And I Know What *You* Feel

Okay…perhaps I am showing myself to be the endless gullible idiot I am, here…

But I felt EVERY word of this. Some of it parallels with my own stuff…right down to us sharing the same initials (which is a little scary).

I don’t want to prefix it by saying “IF it’s genuine”. I did not read it in any way cynically…but now it has been coloured by a cynical view from my discussing it with someone.

And…perhaps the band will see it cynically? Who the hell knows?

What’s happening to people’s humanity? I dunno…

The world is sssooo full of cynics and fakes. I refuse to be one of them! A cynic, OR a fake!

As I said to this lady on SMO, I hope her wish gets granted. She’s NOT asking for a freebie, or pity…but for understanding, and a chance to thank people who have saved her life. Is that “over the top”? Would it be “over the top” to want to say thank you to a firefighter from rescuing you from a burning building?

Why should it been deemed “OTT” to thank a band for music that saved you?

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