To Greg Lane…

I think you may actually need to take your own advice. I am DONE with this! I really am done. I am ssooo tired of being a pushover. If you want a reaction…by heck you are about to get one!

I NEED TO GROW UP, DO I? Do you know how UTTERLY hypocritical that is? Wow! I can’t even begin. Right…so, here we are…you are SSSOOOO desperate to have your pathetic, snidey little comments seen? Here they all are!

Here it is…EXPOSED. So, who will you be next? You’ve been LL Cool L, PK (wow, how below the belt is THAT…trying to pass yourself off as Paul Kerr?!), Jane Janey (obviously trying to pass yourself off as a friend of mine), the rather aptly named “Dopey” (though I am sure that was your name for me…so clever), Drummer Boy and now recently you have been Jupiter Purr.

Jupiter Purr was playing nice, at first…obviously trying to pull me in…but an IP address was the give away. Surprised you’ve never heard about VPN’s? Oh, and “” followed by “” wasn’t MUCH of a give away, either.

I’m trying to decipher the latest one. It is meant to read “she no like us”? Or “she no lick arse”? As some ironic twist that you think I am the biggest arse licker this side of Newport Pagnell?

Oh, and speaking of Newport Pagnell…that’s where your IP address points to again and again.


Anyway…Anthony Monger…Juptier Purr…Greg Lane… I REALLY have no idea exactly what I did to piss you off and make you pursue this pathetic little vendetta…but it stops, NOW!